Slideshow: Inpatient Hospital, Cannon Garage Demolition

Removing materials for the North and South Cannon Garage site
Crews prepare to remove the last of the demolition materials at the former North and South Cannon Garage site.
North and South Cannon Garage Demolition Continues
The final above ground pieces of the North Cannon Garage are removed in advance of the demolition of the garage foundations.
Inpatient Hospital Foundation Continues
Looking north, a view of progress on the Inpatient Hospital foundation. Structural columns are rising from the ground on the west side of the site.
Inpatient Hospital Elevator Pits
A view from the lower level, looking south, shows the mud slabs that form the elevator pits. 50 elevators are planned for the new structure and will be grouped to share the elevator pits.
Inpatient Hospital Wall Foundation
Looking east from Cannon Drive, the western foundation wall of the project rises above the building loading dock.
Waterproofing basement slabs on lower lever
Crews waterproof basement slabs on the lower level.
Western foundation wall and second level deck are being formed
Looking east at The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, the western foundation wall and southern edge of the second level deck are being formed.
Elevator pits are formed and structural columns are constructed.
A view from the sky. Elevator pits are formed and structural columns are constructed as progress continues on the Inpatient Hospital project.
Inpatient Hospital site view
Facing southeast, the entire Inpatient Hospital site footprint is visible now that the Cannon Garage demolition work wraps up.
Construction vehicles pour concrete into the site
The first structural concrete deck was poured on March 4. Concrete mixer vehicles and a pump rig are positioned to make the first pour.
Crews guide concrete pour
Crews guide the concrete pour, which was complete in just under five hours. The pour consisted of 290 cubic years of concrete.
Inpatient Hospital Tower Cranes
One of multiple tower cranes move materials into the site of the future Inpatient Hospital.
A view looking east toward the Inpatient Hospital
Looking east toward new Cannon Drive, the Inpatient Hospital is scheduled to open in early 2026.

Demolition of the above ground portion of the North and South Cannon Garages was completed in early March 2021. The new Inpatient Hospital foundation work continues upward, with the first structural deck concrete pour occurring March 4. Construction on the 1.9 million-square-feet hospital began in fall 2020 and is the largest single facilities project ever undertaken at Ohio State.

  • The removal of the slab-on-grade and below grade foundations for the North and South Cannon Garages will continue through the end of March. 
  • Work continues on the Inpatient Hospital foundation, including concrete foundations, waterproofing of elevator pits and basement slabs, as well as the first structural concrete deck pour in early March.
  • In the coming weeks, basement excavation and foundation work will move east toward the James Cancer Hospital, backfilling the site where the Cannon Garages once stood.  By the end of March, the new Inpatient Hospital concrete elevator cores will be progressing upward. 


View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The Inpatient Hospital is scheduled to open in early 2026.

View renderings and live construction feeds of the progress and read more on the Inpatient Hospital project page.