Slideshow: Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex

Under Slab Plumbing
Crews install under slab plumbing in advance of placing concrete foundations.
Backfilling Plumbing Trenches
Crews use an excavator to backfill plumbing trenches.
CEFPRC Construction Site
A wide view of the full construction site looking northeast.
Greenhouse Spread Footings
A series of spread footing mark the place of future weight bearing columns to support the production greenhouse structure.
Greenhouse Stem Wall
Boards mark the stem wall for the research greenhouse, the supporting wall that joins the foundation of a building to the vertical walls of the structure.
Water Retention
A water retention basin sits west of the building footprint.
Materials Staging
Crews stage piping for underground plumbing work.

New construction photos show the first signs of progress on Ohio State’s Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex (CEFPRC). Located on the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, west of Kenny Road, project updates include:

  • Crews wrapped up mobilization, site layout and rough grading to ensure the site was level earlier this year.
  • The beginning of foundation work has taken place and crews are now installing under slab plumbing in the production greenhouse.
  • A sanitary connection and underground, temporary electric were installed in early May.
  • A water retention area sits just west of the building footprint.

Next milestones include getting the production greenhouse slab on grade, working on head house foundations and site plumbing and electric.

The $35.8 million project is the future home for interdisciplinary research connecting horticulture and crop science, engineering, entomology, plant pathology, food science, computer science, and human nutrition. It is scheduled to open in September 2022.