Inpatient Hospital Waste Diversion Efforts

In early 2021, Ohio State pulled off a magic trick making a pair of parking garages disappear. The North and South Cannon Garages were demolished as a precursor to the new Inpatient Hospital construction project, but where the materials went tells the whole story.

“We are proud to say that 98% of waste materials from the demolished site were recycled,” said Mark Banta. “This included 85,986,000 pounds of concrete, rebar and galvanized materials.”

Nearly 86 million pounds of building materials were diverted from the landfill – a testament to Ohio State’s sustainability goals that include becoming a zero waste campus by 2025.

The Inpatient Hospital is the largest single facilities project in Ohio State history. The 1.9 million square foot, 26-story hospital will open in 2026 and will feature up to 820 beds in private-room settings to elevate patient-centered care, safety and training for the next generation of physicians.

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