Slideshow: Pelotonia Research Center

An exterior view of the building. You can see the freshly paved sidewalk and bike path that runs along Innovation Way.
An exterior view of the IRF from Innovation Way. The new sidewalk and separate bike lane are seen.
A view of the lobby on the first floor. Three elevators can be seen on the far side of the lobby.
Final cleaning in the main lobby on the first floor before furniture and video wall installation.
A large laboratory with three large windows covering the far wall.
Work is nearly complete in first floor science on display core labs.
One of 14 wet lab neighborhoods. Eight research teams will be assigned to each lab.
A long room with glass offices on the right and several floor to ceiling windows.
A graduate write up space on the second floor. Crews are working to furnish the space. Furnishing the entire building is expected to take about four months.
10 white pipes with green labels and one copper pipe with a blue label are seen in the ceiling.
Crews are finished with 10 different water piping systems throughout the building.
A large office with floor to ceiling windows covering two walls and a large cement pillar in the back corner.
A fourth floor Primary Investigator (PI) office space with a view of the co-located Energy Advancement and Innovation Center.
Large space with three glass offices on the left and large windows on the end.
Open space on the fourth floor. The building is equipped with daylight harvesting systems which use sunlight to offset the amount of electric needed to light a space.
A room with scarlet and gray carpet and a large floor to ceiling window on the right side.
Fourth floor conference room waiting to be furnished.
A large green wheel in a dark room.
The heat transfer wheel transfers heat and humidity between the exhaust and supply air making for a nearly 40% gain and efficiency on heating and cooling.
A worker smiling for the camera as he installs a Reverse Osmosis system.
Crews turning on the Reverse Osmosis water system which feeds all 14 laboratories.

An innovative and modern idea comes to life as construction on the Pelotonia Research Center, formerly known as the Interdisciplinary Research Facility, is more than 90% complete. Building Inspections on the five-story laboratory building are set to be finished by March 2023. Heating, Cooling and Mechanical Piping Systems Commissioing is schedule to complete in May 2023 with opening scheduled for June. The building will serve multiple disciplines including biomedical, life sciences, engineering and environmental sciences and others.

Construction progress includes:

  • Testing piping heating and cooling
  • Furnishing the building over the next four months
  • Continued building inspections
  • Turning on Reverse Osmosis water system
  • Landscaping on Inspiration Garden

The Pelotonia Research Center envisions an innovative and modern environment to serve multiple disciplines. The project is one of the first buildings at Carmenton and will house approximately 305,000 new square feet. Two floors will be dedicated to The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center including its new Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology.