Olentangy Trail Reroute Around Ohio Stadium

From May 15 through late November 2023, the Olentangy Trail will be closed between Woody Hayes Drive and John Herrick Drive. Trail users will be rerouted along a marked detour east of Ohio Stadium, south through Buckeye Grove before crossing Herrick Drive, to Cannon Drive and 12th Avenue, prior to returning to the trail. Signage will be posted to notify users of the detour.

All are encouraged to avoid distractions and be aware of increased pedestrian and cyclist traffic along the detour path. Cyclists are encouraged to dismount bikes when using crosswalks. Cyclists and pedestrians should stop prior to crossing roadways, including Woody Hayes Drive, Herrick Drive, Cannon Drive and 12th Avenue, when traffic is approaching. Motorists are encouraged to follow posted speed limits and be mindful of additional cyclist and pedestrian traffic crossing various roadways in the area.

The trail closure supports berm removal along the river to support Cannon Drive Relocation – Phase 2.