Combined Heat and Power Plant

Combined Heat and Power Plant

A Combined Heat and Power Plant and District Heating and Cooling loop with a central chiller facility will support the campus core and the development of an innovation district on west campus by providing energy-efficient electricity, heating and cooling. The facility will support the university’s sustainability goals and is expected to cut carbon emissions by more than 30% in the first full year of operations. The projects are a cornerstone of the university’s public-private partnership with Ohio State Energy Partners. The total cost for both projects, including infrastructure for a district heating and cooling loop, is expected to be $278 million.

An application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for the CHP facility was submitted to the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) in November 2019 (Case Number 19-1641-EL-BGN). On September 17, 2020, the OPSB issued an Opinion, Order and Certificate approving the application subject to certain conditions. Construction timelines are under development.


Project Team

Project Manager 
Bryceson Nunley (ENGIE)



Preliminary Design Team
HDR, FVB Energy Inc.

Detailed Engineering Team
Frank Lill & Son, RMF Engineering, EMH&T

Construction Team
Frank Lill & Son, Whiting-Turner / Corna-Kokosing

Building Architectural Consultant


Construction Feedback