Progress Continues on the New Inpatient Hospital

Construction progress continues on the New Inpatient Hospital, which will provide up to 820 beds in private-room settings to elevate patient-centered care, safety and training for the next generation of physicians.

At the southern area of the site, located off of 10th Avenue, crews are installing caissons, which are deep foundations that allow the building to rest on bedrock approximately 60 feet below the ground floor. Earth retention has been installed along the north and west sides of the site to allow for the construction of retaining walls and lower level walls of the building. The first tower crane has been assembled to its initial height and it will continue to grow as the hospital progresses. A second tower crane is scheduled to be installed late February near 10th Avenue and Cannon Drive.

Demolition activities are underway on the Cannon Garages, with demolition expected to complete by the end of March.

View live camera feeds of the construction progress.