Slideshow: Arts District

The Arts District, sited between 15th and 18th avenues, envisions high-quality, modern learning environments for interaction across arts disciplines. The $165.1 million project includes new facilities for the School of Music (Timashev Family Music Building) and Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts. Current construction activities include:

Timashev Family Music Building

  • Framing of the west side and south side exterior walls is taking place.
  • Interior framing is underway on floors two through five.
  • Masonry facade work has begun on the northeast elevation.
  • Roofing is 90% complete.

Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts

  • Footings, grade beams and stem wall installation are underway in the basement.
  • Crews recently completed drilling elevator pits.
  • By April, steel will arrive as the project continues to progress.

The slideshow (above) highlights current construction photos next to renderings that show a comparison of the completed project. A time-lapse video (pictured to the right) depicts progress on the music building from March 2020 through December 2020.

The Timashev Family Music Building is scheduled to open in March 2022 and includes both renovation and expansion to the School of Music building. The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts building is scheduled to open in February 2023.