Slideshow: Outpatient Care West Campus

A wide view of the project looking southeast and its proximity to Kenny Road. This visual shows the full scope of the site.
Crews are working on the upper roof framework for the proton therapy vaults. This vantagepoint looks east and will be the last piece in place before the roof is installed.
A wide view of the building’s framework looking southeast. Crews line up parts in what they call the lay down area. Those parts will eventually be used for the rest of the facility.
The facility’s steel erection looking southwest. Crews have finished floor 4 and are currently working on floors 5 through 7.
A look at the concrete pour at night. The wet cement, brought in by trucks, flows over the built-in lower areas.
Crews are pouring concrete at the site’s proton therapy vault. Some of the walls range anywhere from 5 to 13 feet in thickness.

Outpatient Care West Campus is 25% complete. The new facility, on the southwest corner of the Kenny and Carmack roads intersection, will include outpatient operating rooms, interventional radiology rooms, extended recovery unit, pre-anesthesia center, a diagnostic imaging center, retail pharmacy, hematology clinic, genitourinary (GU) clinic, infusion and medical office and support spaces. The project will be home to central Ohio’s first proton therapy treatment facility.

  • Crews continue to work on the building’s framework.
  • Concrete is being poured on site, then cured and molded.
  • Steel erection is almost complete on most of the floors.

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The outpatient care center and garage will open in summer 2023, with the proton center scheduled to open in fall 2023.