Photo Slideshow: Dodd Parking Garage

Photo of Dodd Gargae electrical duct bank
The electrical duct bank was recently installed and will power the full garage.
Phot of Dodd Garage electrical room installation
Looking northeast, the ground floor is prepared for the installation of an electrical room.
Photo of Dodd Garage temporary forms
Forms are temporarily placed in the floor below a recent pour as the concrete cures.
Photo of Dodd Garage tower crane
A close up of the single tower crane on the job site. This crane was temporarily installed at the center of the site to provide efficient transportation of construction materials.
Photo of Dodd Garage cables and rebar
Post tensioning cables and rebar are used to reinforce concrete, once installed.
Photo of Dodd Garage equipment delivery
Crews await equipment deliveries to the floor deck from the tower crane.
Photo of Dodd Garage construction and James Cancer Hospital
The 1,100 space Dodd Parking Garage is expected to open in June 2022 and will be available for Ohio State faculty and staff.
Photo of Dodd Garage tower crane and James Cancer Hospital in the background
The Dodd Parking Garage is more than 30% complete and on track to open June 2022.

Concrete pours and rebar installation continue on the Dodd Parking Garage, which is more than 30% complete. Overnight concrete pours are ongoing and will continue through January 2022. The garage will have six levels and 1,100 parking spaces for Ohio State faculty and staff.

Additional construction activities include:

  • Installation of the electrical duct bank that will support power to the garage is wrapping up.
  • Elevator core work continues and currently sits at level four.
  • The third level of the garage deck is underway as rebar reinforcements are installed.

Built on the former Dodd surface parking lot, the Dodd Parking Garage is located within walking distance of the Wexner Medical Center.  The $33.3 million project is expected to open in June 2022.

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress or view live construction feeds.