Slideshow: Arts District

Music Classroom Studio - The area is setup for instructional classes. The rooms have acoustical qualities to allow for ensemble rehearsals to be isolated from other spaces.
Music Ensemble Rehearsal Room - This room is sized for the largest School of Music performance group. Adjustable acoustics accommodate a small rehearsal to a large group.
Music Recording Studio - This space has four different rooms along with a large room to allow for a class to watch a recording. There are three recording isolation spaces.
Music Recital Hall - This area is designed for acoustical performances with audio visual systems to supplement for lectures and performances. The space also has an adjustable acoustic system for a solo performance to a large ensemble.
Timashev Family Music Building Exterior - A view of the Timashev Family Music Building from the Southwest side of the building.
Lobby Area - The lobby will have terrazzo floors, a material made of marble, quartz, granite or glass and held together by cement.
Proscenium - The Proscenium is the space in the theater, where the audience will gather and observe theatrical performances on the stage. The Proscenium is the largest room in the facility. Seating in the balcony will also be available.
Scene Shop - Students, faculty and staff will build and store props for performances in the Scene Shop. The area will house props they want to use in the Proscenium.
Sound Stage - 2-story room equipped with a cat walk.
News Works Lab - A multi-media lab and workshop where students will learn about theatrical lighting.

Crews are nearing the halfway point on construction of the Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts. They are working on mechanical, electrical and plumbing lines and installing drywall, windows, exterior panels, framing, and the roof. Next door, the School of Music is currently moving into the completed Timashev Family Music Building. Classes and programming will be available by Autumn 2022. The Arts District is located on College Road, between 15th and 18th avenues. When finished, the project will provide high-quality modern learning environments for interaction across arts disciplines.

Construction progress includes:

Timashev Family Music Building

  • Finish work in Music Ensemble Room and Recital Hall continues as final materials arrive.
  • Occupant move-in started earlier this month.

Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts

  • Roof installation and exterior brick work continues.
  • Exterior prefabricated metal panel installation is ongoing.
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation and framing is underway throughout the building.

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The Timashev Family Music Building is scheduled to open in August 2022. The Department of Theatre, Film, and Media Arts will be accessible in February 2023.