Slideshow: Old Cannon Garage

Sidewalk Installation – Crews are working on finishing sidewalks. They’re pouring concrete to create an accessible path to the building.
Sidewalk Installation from Above – A view of sidewalk installation from an elevated level.
Gravel Mow Strip Installation – Teams are putting in a gravel mow strip in an effort to keep vegetation from growing against the building. This barrier also makes it easier for landscaping crews to mow.
Garden – A garden has been put in place to the south of the garage. The area will serve as a location for Creative Living and Necko neighbors.
Exterior Glass – Crews are installing exterior glass.
Fourth Floor – The 4th floor is now complete with pavement markings and signage. Floors 5-7 are also complete.

Construction on the Old Cannon Garage, previously known as the Dodd Parking Garage, is nearly complete. Crews are installing elevators, exterior glass, signage, pavement markings and making final preparations for faculty and staff. Teams are also working on landscaping and installing the drive entrances and sidewalks around the garage. When complete, the Old Cannon Garage will add approximately 1,100 parking spaces for Ohio State faculty and staff. 

 Construction progress includes:

  • Concrete decks are complete
  • Brick masonry exterior façade work on west side of garage
  • Window installation on north side of garage
  • Security fencing installation on the 7th floor of garage
  • Electrical and plumbing work continues

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The Old Cannon Garage is scheduled to open in August 2022.