Slideshow: Inpatient Hospital

Photo of west façade exterior curtain wall
The west façade exterior curtain wall has been installed up to level 10.
photo from level 18 looking at Ohio Stadium
From level 18, looking north, Ohio Stadium appears in the background.
Photo of connector between inpatient hospital and The James
Structural steel connects the James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute to the inpatient hospital.
Photo of concrete slab-on-metal-deck
Concrete slab-on-metal-deck placement continues on level 16 in the middle section of the main structure.
Photo of crane tower in front of hospital connector
A large crane tower sits in front of the connector between inpatient hospital and the James Cancer Hospital.
Photo of patient bathroom pod
Patient bathroom pods built in Pennsylvania are shipped to the construction site as a complete bathroom unit.
Photo of air-handler
A view of a three-level air handler on level seven on the south side of the main structure.
Photo looking out onto Cannon Drive
From the inside of the inpatient hospital looking out, Cannon Drive runs adjacent to the site.
Photo of curtainwall brick installation
Brick-clad precast panel installation continues as part of the curtainwall construction.
Photo of mechanical room
A view of the inpatient hospital mechanical room shows installation of large supply ductwork.
Photo of curtainwall with windows
Progress on exterior wall systems continue on all sides of the facility.

Drivers on SR-315 cannot miss views of an expanding Wexner Medical Center inpatient hospital project. Lower levels have exterior glass in place on the building located just south of Cannon Drive. The size and scale of the project are starting to come into view with structural steel erection substantially complete through level 23 with metal decking.

Additional construction updates include:

  • Exterior glazing and curtain wall system installation continues on the west side up to level 10 and the east side up to level five.
  • The bridge structure connecting the “Tower” at level two to the Wexner Medical Center garage on level four is complete.
  • All 96 air handling units are now in place and distribution ductwork is being assembled.
  • HVAC, plumbing, med gas piping, electrical, low voltage and fire suppression rough-in are ongoing.
  • The building has been connected to permanent power.

The 1.9 million-square-foot building is the largest single facilities project ever undertaken at Ohio State. Construction began in fall 2020 and is expected to open in early 2026.

View renderings and live construction feeds.