Slideshow: Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex Phase 2

Structural piers are seen installed in a large, dug out hole in the soil.
Structural piers which help keep the building structurally sound.
A worker is seen installing structural piers and tying them off with steel wire.
The footer, which will connect Fontana to the new addition of MacQuigg underground.
A view of the inside of the building where Fontana connects to the new addition of MacQuigg. A large brick wall can be seen.
A view of the connector, which connects Fontana to the new addition of MacQuigg.
An exterior view of the building.
An exterior view of the building from the north side. The buck hoist can be seen on the left.
A view of the concrete stair tower from the outside.
A view of the stair tower, which has been poured up to level two.

Work on the Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex Phase 2 (BMEC) is nearly halfway complete as crews have made substantial progress over the last several months. A buck hoist has been installed and a platform below it is in place to ensure the safety of everyone on site. 

“Safety is always our top priority,” said Shaun Allen, Facilities Design and Construction project manager for BMEC. “This has been an interesting project as we have such a tight space to work in, so we’ve been strategic about where to keep machinery and how to continue our work while maintaining a safe environment.”

Abatement and demolition are complete. Crews are wrapping up the installation of structural piers, which make sure the building is structurally sound. The structural piers are drilled into the ground until they are socketed into bedrock. They’re then connected to the structure with rebar and concrete is poured to completion the foundation.

The $94.3 million project included the demolition of Watts Hall and renovates existing MacQuigg Hall. An addition is being constructed which will house research and teaching labs, collaboration spaces, offices and classroom space. BMEC Phase 1, later renamed Mars G. Fontana Laboratories, opened in August 2020. 

Construction progress includes:

  • Abatement and demolition are complete on MacQuigg Hall.
  • The stairwell within core #1 has been poured up to the second level.
  • Crews are preparing to pour mat slabs and walls for passenger and service elevators.
  • Footers are to be poured and then crews will prepare to form walls for the south end connector.