Ohio State Opens First Freestanding Surgical Equipment Sterilizing Facility In Ohio

CSS Equipment
CSS Equipment (Photo Courtesy: Walsh/Turner)
Central Sterile Supply Exterior
Central Sterile Supply Exterior (Photo Courtesy: Walsh/Turner)
CSS Workstation
CSS Workstation (Photo Courtesy: Walsh/Turner)
CSS Storage
CSS Storage (Photo Courtesy: Walsh/Turner)
CSS Meeting Space
CSS Meeting Space (Photo Courtesy: Walsh/Turner)

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center opened the first freestanding sterile processing facility in Ohio. The new Central Sterile Supply facility will reprocess and sterilize surgical instrumentation and allocate sterile supplies for Ohio State Wexner Medical Center hospitals and outpatient care centers throughout central Ohio.

Located at 2814 Kenny Road with convenient access to the highway system, the 62,000 square foot facility has the capacity to support the care for more than 48,000 surgical patients per year. This facility will enable best-in-class inventory management and surgical instrumentation reprocessing to support the ongoing growth of surgical services at Ohio State.

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