Slideshow: Inpatient Hospital

Inpatient Hospital Looking SE
A view of the inpatient hospital looking southeast.
Inpatient Hospital Overhead
The facility will use 15,000 tons of steel and rise 410 feet above the ground.
Inpatient Hospital Looking NW
A view of the construction site looking northwest.
Inpatient Hospital Core Elevation
The tallest elevator core, and stairwell B, encompass twenty elevators and extend to the Helipad.

Breathtaking new aerials showcase significant progress on the Wexner Medical Center inpatient hospital. The photos are courtesy of construction manager Walsh/Turner (joint venture).

It’s a race to the sky, with north and south elevator core concrete rising past level 18. The center, or middle, elevator core and stairwell B, is the largest and tallest of the cores, encompassing twenty elevators and extending to the helipad to an elevation of 410 feet above grade.

Back on the ground, all concrete elevated slab pours are now complete. Steel erection began on August 30 and the facility will use 15,000 tons of steel, in total. Metal decking at the northwest corner of the project is now up to Level 5. 

Utility work continues and a main natural gas service line is installed to the building entrance.

The inpatient hospital is the largest single facilities project ever undertaken at Ohio State and is expected to open in early 2026.