Slideshow: Interdisciplinary Research Facility

The Energy Advancement Innovation Center is being built north of the facility. The center will be equipped with a kitchen/cafe and a 200 person seminar room on the 1st floor.
This is one of four core labs on first floor referred to as, “Science on Display.” A 55,000 square foot plaza sits adjacent to the lab, outside.
10 primary investigators will work in this area focusing on interdisciplinary Research with their individual team.
Cancer researchers will perform analysis on mice in the Mouse Vivarium Suites.
Duct work is being installed in the Cage Wash, the area where crews will clean mouse cages every week.
A wide shot of the IRF from the north side, near Lane Avenue.

Construction on the Interdisciplinary Research Facility, located inside Ohio State’s Innovation District, is 66% complete. FOD crews are laying exterior brick, installing elevators, flooring and hanging drywall in the 305,000 square foot facility. Crews are also working on electric connections on all five floors. When finished, the facility will offer multiple research disciplines working together, including biomedical, life sciences, engineering and environmental sciences and more.

Construction progress includes:

  • Penthouse metal siding is almost complete
  • Masonry brick on the south and final side is 33%
  • Drywall painting prime and first coat on all of second floor
  • Acoustical ceiling grid installed on half of second floor
  • Vivarium drywall ceilings are 33% hung

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The Interdisciplinary Research Facility is scheduled to open in June 2023.