Slideshow: Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex

Gathering Room - The College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) will use the area for teaching and outreach. The space will also be used to host events.
General Lab - The area will include workstations, fume hoods, autoclaves, ovens and equipment for testing and research.
Fertigation Area – The space houses nutrient tanks that feed water into the greenhouse through a nutrient injector which provides fertilizer and supplements to the greenhouses.
Growth Chamber – Plants and seeds will be grown inside these chambers which allow for regulation of temperature, light, humidity, and other atmospheric conditions.
Tall Crop Production Greenhouse – The area inside the tall crop production greenhouse will be used to grow tomatoes.
Research Greenhouse – Researchers will use the spaces for projects. There are 8 eight total research greenhouses. (2 of which are BSL-2 labs)
CEARC Exterior – A wide shot of the CEARC from the south side of the facility.

Construction crews are finishing work on the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex (CEARC) at the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory. Teams are working on final finishes in the head house, which includes laying down carpet, painting and installing cabinetry in the kitchens. Testing on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in the greenhouses began in early July to make sure they’re working properly. Final landscaping touches will continue through the end of July.

Construction progress includes:

  • Rolling inspections.
  • Site work continues and hardscape is complete.
  • Furniture is tentatively scheduled for delivery in early August.
  • Carts and growing equipment are being moved in and installed.

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The Controlled Environment Agriculture Research Complex is scheduled to open in September 2022.