Slideshow: Jane E. Heminger Hall

Atrium – The space will be used as a student/faculty/staff common area with trees, a fountain and fireplace.
Fuld and Flex Classrooms – A multipurpose classroom will subdivide into smaller classrooms.
Heminger Hall Exterior – The facility is located on the corner of 9th and Neil.
First Floor Construction Outside - The Newton first floor facade is being replaced.
Building Rear –When finished, the area on the west side of the building will have a patio with seating for 40 people.
Office Room – Crews are installing office furniture on the 3rd floor in the Dean’s Suite.
Boardroom – The Dean’s Conference Room furniture is also getting installed in the Dean’s Suite and will be equipped with monitors on the wall.

Construction crews are nearing completion on Jane E. Heminger Hall. They’re focusing on site work, which includes landscaping, concrete pours and preparing green space for grass planting on the grounds of the 35,000 square foot addition. In the atrium, teams are installing panels for the stairs, bridges and ramps. Jane E. Heminger Hall is located on the south side of Newton Hall, on Neil and 9th Avenues, and will accommodate students, faculty and staff from Ohio State’s College of Nursing.

Construction progress includes:

  • Completed third floor furniture install and exterior glazing.
  • Second floor furniture install is underway. Sitework, precast panels and concrete sidewalks and patios are ongoing.  
  • Atrium storefront replacement glass is expected in near future.

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress in June. Jane E. Heminger Hall is scheduled to open in August 2022. The first-floor renovation of Newton Hall will open the following summer.