Slideshow: Interdisciplinary Research Facility

Science on Display labs
The view from inside one of four “Science on Display” labs on the first floor shows the adjacent 55,000 square foot outdoor plaza.
Individual researcher stations
Individual researcher stations are being installed in the wet labs, which include floor to ceiling windows.
principal investigator offices
Glass doors and temperature controls are being added to the principal investigator offices, with some spaces facing campus green space.
Inside the dry computational wing
A view from inside the dry computational wing faces construction progress on the Energy Advancement and Innovation Center.
heating hot water pump skid
The heating hot water pump skid, located inside the mechanical room, will support the entire Interdisciplinary Research Facility.
Sound baffles in the ceiling
Sound baffles are installed on the ceiling to help reduce noise volumes in the open spaces.
Southwest view of IRF
The Interdisciplinary Research Facility is one of the first buildings at Carmenton and will house approximately 305,000 new square feet.

The Interdisciplinary Research Facility, one of the first buildings at Carmenton, is 80% complete. Interior painting and lab equipment installation continue. Sound baffles are being installed in the ceiling to help reduce noise volumes in open spaces. The facility will serve multiple research disciplines, including biomedical, life sciences, engineering and environmental sciences, among others and is anticipated to open in June 2023.

Recent construction highlights include:

  • Drywall hanging was completed recently.
  • Drywall primer and paint on the fifth floor continue.
  • Acoustical ceiling grid installation is complete up through the fourth floor.
  • Lab equipment installation continues throughout the facility.

View renderings and a live construction feed online.