Slideshow: Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex - Phase 2

An exterior view of BMEC
An exterior view from West Woodruff Avenue where crews are working to remove glass and stone panels.
An exterior view from the east side. A backhoe can be seen on the left side.
A view from the east side of the building. All brick seen on the right side of the photo will be demolished.
An exterior view of workers working on the stairwell.
Workers preparing to install a mat slab for the stairwell.
Two workers seen using a Brokk.
workers demoing out an elevator pit.
Two workers using a Brokk.
Crews using the Brokk to knock down an old elevator pit.

Construction on the Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex – Phase 2 is ramping up after beginning in October 2023. Crews are finished with interior abatement and are now focusing on structure and exterior façade demolition. 

As crews work to demolish interior small spaces like elevator pits, they’re using a Brokk, which is a demolition robot that eliminates all need for manual demo work. As safety is always top of mind, this allows a user to stand back and control the robot from nearby. 

BMEC – Phase I renovated the former Koffolt Lab and Fontana Lab to create additional research, classroom and office space. It opened in August 2020 and is now known as Mars G. Fontana Laboratories.