Slideshow: Inpatient Hospital

An exterior view of the main entrance of the inpatient tower.
Stone cladding on the columns is complete. Crews are now installing framing for the exterior ceiling.
An interior view of the main lobby. A worker is seen working on the ceiling.
Workers installing ceiling grid in the main lobby on the ground floor.
A view of the auditorium. The far back wall is covered with floor-to-ceiling windows.
A view of the ground floor auditorium where crews are working on the ceiling grid.
A view of an ICU room with a large window on the far wall.
An intensive care unit (ICU) room on floor 10.
A large room with large windows on the far side.
Pre and post procedure rooms on floor four. Crews are finishing installing light fixtures and ceiling grid.
An OR room with white walls and concrete flooring. The ceiling grid has yet to be installed.
An operating room (OR) on floor four where terrazzo flooring is about to be installed.
A view of a worker installing flooring.
Crews installing terrazzo flooring in the ‘crossroad’ area on floor two.
A view of a door that leads to the MRI room. The door is covered with copper sheeting.
A view of the newly installed door with a copper wall leading to an MRI room on the ground floor.

Construction on the Wexner Medical Center Inpatient Hospital is more than 75% complete as crews are preparing for first building turnover in October ahead of an eventual 2026 opening. 

The 1.9 million-square-foot inpatient tower is the largest single facilities project ever undertaken at Ohio State with up to 820 beds in private-room settings to elevate patient-centered care, safety and training for the next generation of health care providers.

Construction progress includes: 

  • Installing ceiling grid throughout building.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, medical gas piping, electrical and low voltage rough-ins are ongoing.
  • Terrazzo, ceramic tile and finished flooring work is ongoing.
  • Installing cabinets for the footwalls in patient rooms. 
  • Building automation system controls are being installed to control the interior environment.
  • Electrical distribution work is ongoing.
  • Shielding and lead-lined drywall in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) rooms is substantially complete.

Final touches on the exterior of the building are taking place along with framing for the exterior ceiling on the brick scroll at the main entrance. Terrazzo floors are being installed on the ground, second and fourth floors. Overall, Terrazzo flooring is about 40% complete. One patient room on the tenth floor is the furthest along with construction and is used as a model for the others as health care professionals weigh in on what’s needed in the room.

“It’s exciting to see years of planning coming to fruition,” said Ragan Fallang, project manager of the inpatient tower. “Every effort by our team brings us closer to transforming blueprints into a state-of-the-art hospital.”

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