Slideshow: New College of Nursing Building Adjacent to Newton Hall

Contractors are working on the facility’s basement by installing wall forms. They are preparing for the concrete pour.
A wide shot of the basement area. Crews have installed footings or foundations for the northern portion of basement, after a recent concrete pour.
Contractors are scaling the walls in an effort to install rebar. The southern basement wall is pictured here.
Crews are bringing in trucks and heavy construction equipment for concrete pumping. The team is placing the material for the facility’s foundation.
The building’s basement starting to take shape. Contractors are finishing recently placed concrete footing for the basement wall.

Construction crews continue to make strides on the new building for the College of Nursing, to be positioned on the south side of the college’s Newton Hall and linked by a three-story atrium. The facility will serve as a gateway to the university’s health science campus, featuring classrooms, informal learning spaces, areas dedicated to wellness and offices. 

  • Crews are building the basement area to lay the groundwork for pouring concrete.
  • Contractors are putting in rebar to reinforce, strengthen and aid concrete added to the area.
  • Trucks are on the project site to transfer liquid concrete accurately to the building’s base.

View the photo slideshow above to track the project’s progress. The facility is scheduled to open in August 2022.