Slideshow: Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex

CEFPRC Wide Shot
A wide view of the construction site looking northeast.
Production Greenhouse
The production greenhouse structure is 95% erected.
Welding Work
Crews weld a bracket for motors that will raise and lower plant growth systems inside the production greenhouse.
Research Greenhouse
Research greenhouse footings and foundation work is nearly complete.
The headhouse structure will contain offices, meeting space, equipment storage and other support areas for the greenhouses. It is on track to complete structural steel erection by mid-August.
Looking Southeast
A view looking southeast at head house in the foreground and the production greenhouse in the background.

Steel is taking the shape of two important structures at the site of Ohio State’s Controlled Environment Food Production Research Complex (CEFPRC). Located on the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory, west of Kenny Road, project updates include:

  • The production greenhouse structure is 95% erected with only roof work remaining. To date, 40 tons of steel have been installed in the production greenhouse.
  • Research greenhouse footing and foundation are complete.
  • Slab for the research greenhouse was poured in late July. For the overall project, a total of 1,960 cubic yards of concrete has been poured to date.
  • The headhouse steel has begun, and the exterior structure is on track to be fully erected by mid-August.

The $35.8 million project is the future home for interdisciplinary research connecting horticulture and crop science, engineering, entomology, plant pathology, food science, computer science, and human nutrition. It is scheduled to open in September 2022.