Slideshow: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center

A view of the forum from the roof of the Classroom Wing where crews are working on cutting the roof deck.
A view of the Forum being built. Steel beams are seen here being installed.
An exterior view of the forum. This will be a four story and nearly 60-foot-tall multifunctional space available for events, which will also double as lounge space.
A worker is seen spraying a steel column on the forum.
Crews fireproofing steel columns on the forum.
The second-floor corridor is seen with purple drywall already installed.
Crews are finished with drywall on the Classroom Wing’s second-floor corridor as work on overhead mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) continues.
The lower level with stairs leading to the first floor. Drywall has been installed here and white paint can be seen as crews begin painting the walls.
A view of the lower level of the Classroom Wing. Crews are finishing up work on the terrazzo floors and beginning to paint the walls.
Crews are seen installing cabinets in a large anatomy lab room.
A view of the seventh anatomy lab, located in the Classroom Wing, where crews are seen installing cabinets. Ceiling grid, lights, diffusers and speakers have already been installed.
An exterior view of Starling Loving with a gravel parking lot in front.
Crews are working to install new windows on the east side of the B- and M-Wings of Starling Loving, as well as a new exterior entry.
A clock is seen on the exterior of Hamilton. There are no hands on the large clock face as they've been temporarily removed for cleaning.
The hands of the original clock on Hamilton Hall have been temporarily removed for cleaning & restoration. The clock will also receive a new time piece, get back lit, and be tied to a new digital carillon system.
An exterior shot of Hamilton from Neil Ave. on a cloudy, muddy day.
An exterior view of Hamilton Hall from Neil Ave.
Structural steel beams are seen on the first floor of Hamilton.
Structural steel installed at the first floor of Hamilton Hall. Crews are continuing with interior framing and MEP rough-in on all floors.
A large assembly room is seen as crews work on overhead MEP and framing.
The College Assembly Room will occupy the far half of the space shown on the fourth floor of Hamilton Hall. Crews are working on overhead MEP and framing.

The Classroom Wing, Phase 2 of the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center, is nearing the finish line with final inspections scheduled for May 2023 and a move-in date of mid-July.  The renovation of Hamilton Hall, Phase 3, is scheduled to open in January 2024. The Anatomy Wing, Phase 1, opened in January 2022. The $155.9 million project includes a 120,000-square foot renovation of Hamilton Hall and construction of over a 100,000-square-feet of new space.

Construction progress includes:

  • Finishing drywall on all levels of Phase 2
  • Installation of terrazzo floors on Phase 2
  • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) rough-in continues on both Phases
  • Hanging ceiling grid and installing tile in Phase 2
  • Framing of interior walls on Phase 3
  • Steel & roof deck installation for Forum addition to Phase 3
  • Replacing windows and tuckpointing brick on the east face of Starling Loving

The project will provide upgraded and flexible facilities to create a collaborative campus for interprofessional education throughout the Health Sciences. Read more on the College of Medicine website.