Slideshow: Campbell Hall

A view of the community room. Flooring has yet to be installed so it's a large cement floor with a large mirror on the back wall.
A view of the community space where crews are preparing to drop the floors out and complete steel beam reconstruction.
A white hallway with green paint at the top and crown molding can be seen above the green.
A hallway on the second floor. Drop ceiling was removed where the green is seen to uncover crown molding, which crews intend to renovate and include in the final design.
A large room with cement floors and five large windows.
Classroom space on the ground floor.
A large cement room with three windows.
A room that will be used to display the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection.
A large room with windows and cement floor.
Windows in this ground floor room will be removed to create a new, ADA-compliant east entrance.
An exterior view of Campbell Hall
A view of the exterior of the building. The entire exterior will be cleaned up and new windows will be installed throughout.
A view of a parking lot.
A view of the southwest-side parking lot, which will be turned into a large green space.

Demolition and abatement are complete at Campbell Hall where crews are now preparing to begin Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing rough-ins and begin reconstruction of the interior, which includes preserving some of the original elements of the building. 

“We’re focusing on trying to keep some of the features of the 1916 building,” said Todd Henderly, Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) project manager of Campbell Hall. “Through the design process, the architects uncovered crown molding that has been covered up with a drop ceiling for years. The design team came up with a solution to restore  small details that are original to Campbell Hall and bring them back to life.” 

The original building, completed in 1916, was built to house the home economics department. Now, Campbell Hall houses some of the programs of the College of Education and Human Ecology’s Department of Human Sciences. They include Fashion and Retail Studies, Family and Consumer Financial Services, Hospitality Management, Human Development and Family Science and Human Nutrition. The renovation plan also includes an updated room to display the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection

The Campbell Hall Renovation is a $61.2 million project that provides a facelift of 115,000 square feet and addresses existing aging infrastructure by replacing building systems, roofing and windows. 

Listen to the most recent episode of the City of Ohio State Podcast featuring Kristin Poldemann, associate vice president of FDC, who speaks about this project and others around campus.