Slideshow: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center

A view of the main entryway to the building with a staircase on each side and a university seal in the middle on the floor.
The main entryway to the building where a new university seal was placed.
An interior view of the forum.
New bricks were hand-stained to match previous bricks in the forum, which will serve as a community space.
Another view of the interior of the forum where blue cloth chairs are seen surrounding a small table.
Another view of the forum.
A view of the reading room inside. Several long tables are seen with multiple chairs at each and large windows on the far side of the room.
A reading room on the ground floor where cork floors and acoustic panels on the ceiling were installed to help with sound dampening.
A view of the student lounge where a red pool table can be seen.
An active student lounge featuring a pool table, ping-pong table and couches.
A student lounge with chairs and tables.
A passive student lounge which serves as a quiet study space.
A view of a classroom.
A 50-person classroom.
A view of a hallway area with multiple room doors along the left side.
Study rooms with one desk in each.
A view of the inside of one of the study rooms
one of several multi-occupant study rooms which feature larger desks, television displays and unique whiteboards with various color gradients.
The inside of a fitness room with workout equipment.
A fitness room.
Lockers inside the locker room
Approximately 1,600 lockers for student use.
A view of a computer lab
A computer lab and testing center featuring a reception desk and two proctor stations.
A view of the outdoor seating area where outdoor tables and chairs can be seen.
An outdoor seating space.

Renovations are complete on the third and final phase of the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center. Hamilton Hall Phase III includes a 120,000-square-foot renovation and will open this summer. Anatomy Phase I opened in January 2022 and Classroom Phase II opened in June 2023.

“Seeing this project cross the finish line is exciting,” said George Rice, Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) senior project manager. “It’s a testament to the collective dedication of our team to preserve the historic features of the building while giving it a facelift that will help foster an even better learning environment for students, faculty and staff.”

The Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Center is a $157.3 million project that, in addition to the renovation, included construction of a new building featuring flexible spaces to serve multiple disciplines including medicine, dentistry, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, public health and veterinary medicine.